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Custom built for your boat wiring project

The finest quality marine electrical battery cables available - and each one is "built to order" so you can pick the exact colors, lengths, and connectors that you needThe boat wiring store offers a wide selection of marine electrical battery cables for your boat wiring project to get your boat wiring project done quickly and correctly. Built for you at one of the top boat wiring shops in the US, these marine electrical cables are multi-strand copper - the best choice in boat wiring and various marine projects. This is the same superior quality marine and automotive SAE cable that is used at the nation's top boat builders for their battery wiring, windlass and winch wiring, and various other applications. Please pick the battery cable size, length, color, and connectors that you need from the choices at right.

The correct size of boat wiring is important for both function and safety. If you are reconfiguring your marine electric system, not just replacing old boat battery wiring, please download our Cable Calculator to choose the right marine battery cables for your project.

If you have any questions about this or any Boat Wiring Store product, please call us at (231) 889-7220, write to us at or read through other boater's questions about marine electrical boat battery wiring.