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Your marine electrical boat wiring harness arrives ready to install Boat Wiring Harness Boat battery switches to make marine electrical power management a breeze Smart Battery Switches Ready to install marine electrical shore power systems Easy Install Shore Power Custom built boat battery cables for your boat wiring project Custom Boat Battery Wiring
Finest quality marine wire and connectors for your marine electrical project Boat Wiring and Connectors Attwood LED navigation lights keep you safe after dark LED Navigation Lights Waterproof marine electrical LED underdeck lights for your pontoon boat wiring Underdeck Pontoon Lights Traditional marine electrical boat battery switches for your boat wiring project Boat Battery Switches
Marine electrical bus bars make for a clean boat wiring job Marine Electrical Bus Bars Attwood livewell and bilge pumps are the best in marine electrical Battery Boxes Attwood livewell and bilge pumps are the best in marine electrical Livewell and Bilge Pumps Marinco/AFI boat horns are the best choice for your boat wiring project Boat Horns

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Thank you for visiting Boat Wiring Store where you will find OEM quality boat wiring products at affordable prices.

Our marine electrical products are sourced from the world's top marine wiring manufacturers, including Attwood Marine, Marinco, BEP, Blue Sea Systems, Guest, and AFI. You can be assured that all Boat Wiring Store parts are of the highest marine electric quality and that each meets or exceeds boating industry standards for performance and safety. Our products include:

Boat Wiring Harnesses

A huge time saver when wiring a boat, our boat wiring harnesses are built at the country's top marine electrical shop. Our standard boat wiring harness or pontoon boat wiring harness arrive at your door ready to install in several lengths and quality of marine wire - even if you don't have the original boat wiring diagram. This allows you to pick the best and most economical solution for your project.

Bulk Marine Electrical Wire

For those with unique harness installations, or builders who just prefer to "roll their own", we offer the internet's most complete selection of bulk marine wire. This pro-quality multi-strand wire is available in many lengths, gauges and colors, so your finished job will be safe, clean and correct. And, because we offer all of the industry standard boat wiring colors, you can stick to standards, so your marine electric job will be completely "traceable" in later years.

Custom Built Marine Electrical Battery Cable

In addition to a complete line of Smart Boat Battery Switches, Manual Marine Battery Switches, and Battery Boxes, Boat Wiring Store has the internet's most comprehensive selection of marine electrical boat battery wiring. After you select the correct color, length, gauge and connectors for your boat wiring project, we custom build your boat battery wiring to your exact specification - and all at a price that's remarkably affordable.

Smart Battery Switches

Automatic Smart Boat Battery Switches are a smart addition to any boat wiring with multiple battery banks. They take all of the guess work out of battery management. While underway, a smart marine battery switch connects your batteries together so both are charged by the engine alternator. Then, the same switch disconnects the batteries while you fish, swim or play so you can be sure to have the power you need to start the engine later.

Standard Marine Battery Switches

Boat Wiring Store also has a complete line of manual boat battery switches. These switches work fine for old-style boat battery wiring, especially for stopping those mysterious drains that can happen to batteries while your boat isn't in use.

Marine Electrical Bus Bars

A marine electrical bus bar allows safe and professional grouping of ground wires in one location, so your boat wiring project will have smart, easy-to-trace marine wire routing, and less wire clutter at your boat batteries. Best of all, you'll have a lot fewer headaches when troubleshooting marine electrical issues in the future.

Attwood Livewell and Bilge Pumps

Boat Wiring Store is proud to carry Attwood livewell pumps and Attwood bilge pumps, the best in marine electric. Available in several different capacities and at very competitive pricing, these pumps are engineered for the highest performance and offer the most service friendly design imaginable. Their clever cartridge style allows quick and easy replacement without the need to remove hoses or mounting bases.

Attwood LED Navigation Lights

If your boat wiring project includes Attwood LED navigation lights you, your passengers and boat will be safer after dark. And, you'll never change a bulb again, because they're rated for over 50,000 hours of use! These completely waterproof marine electric lights have very low amp draw for more time on water.

Marinco-AFI Boat Horns

Marinco-AFI boat horns are the finest in marine electrical. Whether your boat wiring project calls for a small, deck mount horn, a stainless drop-in, or a gorgeous trumpet, you can be assured that your new horn exceeds all industry regulations - so you, your family and boat will be safer.

Easy Install AC Shorepower Systems

An easy upgrade to big boat luxury - Boat Wiring Store offers complete Marine Electrical AC Shore Power Systems. You'll enjoy the luxury of big boat shorepower at a fraction of the cost. These complete marine electric shore power systems let you use economical household AC appliances on your boat. After an easy installation, your friends and family will be able to use mixers, toasters, air conditioning, stoves, refrigeration, battery chargers - or whatever else you need to make your boating more fun.

Waterproof LED Under Deck Pontoon Lights

The hottest upgrade in pontoon boats - Boat Wiring Store offers complete Waterproof LED Underdeck Pontoon Light Systems. The only completely waterproof LED strip lights available, these complete ready-to-install systems will make your boat look great.